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Aquarium Kit 9L


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Mini aquarium Sunsun YA-03
If you want to set up a small freshwater aquarium without worrying about buying all the equipment separately, SunSun model YA-03 is a complete, beautiful and quality aquarium. It comes with all the necessary accessories to maintain the care of the fish. Just add water. It comes with biological filter surface and LED lighting. The lamp that comes with the aquarium has 8 high brightness LEDs. Without a doubt, it is a great option for small spaces, such as a desk in the office or even your library in your living room.

Technical specifications:
- Capacity: 9 liters;
- Filter material: Foam and biological media
- Acrylic blue gravel included
- 2m USB cable
- Can be connected to the USB port of a computer, making it easy to mount on office desks.
- Suitable for Guppys, Platis, Molly, Medudsas, etc.
- A population of fish could endanger the quality of the water and the life of the fish.
- Measures 415x230x380mm